Has the time come to sell your home? Perhaps you are ready to upsize, downsize, or rightsize. Maybe you want to leverage your equity and finance your next goal. Are you moving to another city and starting a new adventure? Whatever your reason for selling, it is important to get the best information and take the right steps to ensure that you can sell your home for top dollar. Partnering with an experienced Realtor® with a proven track record in the Regina real estate market for the sale of your home is the smartest approach to protect your investment and achieve optimal outcomes for the sale of your house.

Challenges for Sellers

Navigating the complexities of listing and selling your home presents many challenges for sellers. Here are just a few of the obstacles many sellers face:

Understanding the paperwork and ensuring compliance: Every real estate transaction involves a heap of paperwork. From your listing agreement to Real Property Reports (RPR), titles, mortgage papers, and more, there are a lot of “i”s to dot and “t”s to cross. Errors in paperwork can jeopardize your contract.

Preparing your home for potential buyers: Presenting your home in the best light is key to getting the right buyer, but it can be difficult to determine what to repair or renovate. Should you paint? Show your home furnished or empty? Fix a leaky faucet in a bathroom that needs a renovation?

Meeting your timelines for selling: It would be much easier if selling your home was the only thing you had to worry about. But many sellers are also balancing the purchase of the next home. This can make the timelines for selling and moving complicated and stressful.

Attracting buyers: There have certainly been homes that have sold simply because someone saw the yard sign and called the number. But a quick sale at top dollar requires attracting the right buyers to your listing. A successful home sale requires a smart strategy and a detailed marketing plan to reach qualified potential buyers.

And one of the most important challenges facing sellers is this:

Pricing It Right: An in-depth understanding of the local real estate landscape and the current market conditions is crucial to pricing your home to ensure it is positioned to be the next sale in your neighbourhood. Although a strategy that sometimes creates a multiple offer scenario, pricing too low could devalue your property. And pricing too high could deter potential buyers. Smart, strategic pricing is essential to maximizing your investment.

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The Benefits Of Working With A Realtor® When Selling Your Home

Here are some of the benefits of working with a Realtor®

  • CMA: Using statistics provided by the MLS® network your Realtor® will provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). This data-driven insight, specific considerations gained through in-depth understanding of  the Regina real estate market, and factors such as age of the home, renovations and upgrades, qualities unique to your home, and your personal goals for selling will enable a Realtor® to determine an ideal price range for your home.
  • Marketing Strategy: From photos and virtual tours, listing your property on the MLS®, social media platforms and search engine optimization, staging, realtor events and open houses, paid ads, brochures, and yard signs, a Realtor® can devise a compelling and effective marketing strategy to make sure that your property is desirable and accessible to the right potential buyers.
  • Robust Network: Realtors® know a lot of people. It's what they do. Experienced Realtors® will have a carefully cultivated and wide-reaching network of agents, buyers and sellers, and real estate investors and will leverage that network on your behalf to ensure that your listing is presented across many channels.
  • Skilled Negotiations: Listing and marketing will bring the buyers in, but then what? When you receive an offer to purchase you need to have a skilled and confident negotiator on your side. The best negotiators will have the knowledge and experience to back them up, the conviction to pursue the best price and terms, prioritize your best interests, and work hard to protect your investment.
  • Successful Closing: When you have an accepted offer in place, the role of a Realtor® is not over. There may still be conditions to remove, paperwork to submit, fiduciary duties to fulfill, inspections and appraisals to coordinate, and more. A good realtor® will continue to guide you along the process right through possession day.

Why Kelsey's Clients Love Working With Her

Selling A Home In Regina?

Kelsey Smith is an experienced seller’s agent with the skill, knowledge, and insight needed to effectively market your house for sale, attract qualified buyers, and negotiate for top dollar regardless of current Regina market conditions. With a proven process, a detailed marketing strategy, and a commitment to transparency Kelsey Smith is the best choice to protect the equity in your home you have worked so hard to build. Choose Kelsey Smith and choose the right partner to ensure that your house for sale is the next home sale in the Regina area.

To connect call 1-306-552-7047 or fill out the online contact form and let’s get your house sold!

The Kelsey Smith Home Selling Process

We have streamlined the home selling process to make it as easy and stress-free as possible. You can count on transparency, availability, attention to detail, and strong negotiating at offer time. This is what you can expect with the Kelsey Smith home selling process.

Consultation With Sellers

Consultation With Sellers

Are you selling your home in Regina or the surrounding area? It is important to understand the current Regina market conditions, the other properties currently for sale, how much similar properties have sold for recently, and more. It is also important for me to understand your reasons for selling, what makes you home unique, your timelines, and more. Are you looking to sell fast? Do you want to hold out for top dollar? I recommend we start with a “Seller Consult” session. This is an opportunity for me to view your property, understand more about your goals for this sale, and let you know what you can expect from the home selling process. Let’s connect and make a plan to sell your home.

Determine The List Price

Determine The List Price

The first step to selling a Regina home is to determine the list price.  A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is automatically provided as part of my service. The CMA will highlight comparable properties that have already sold in your area. I make upward or downward adjustments based on the similarities, differences, and upgrades between your property and the comparables. A home appraisal can also determine a home's value. If you are unsure of the value of the home, consider having both a CMA and a professional home appraisal done.

When I assess the market value of a property, I consider many factors. Average prices in a neighbourhood, how many active listings, sold listings, and Regina's market as a whole are all determinants when pricing a home effectively. Most importantly, I will take the time to explain these reports to you so that we can decide on the best price to list the home, together. I promise transparent education to you, the homeowner, on the condition of the local market so you can make the most informed decisions.

The Kelsey Smith Home Selling Process
While The House Is On The Market

While The House Is On The Market

Once the list price has been decided, we will review the listing contract which outlines the desired possession, real estate fees, legal description, and many other terms and conditions of the sale. I will help you prepare your home for the market by providing staging consultations and providing you with my "Ultimate To-Do List For Selling A Home In Regina." (link to list)

 Among my other responsibilities, my priority is to communicate with my client. I send weekly market updates, keeping you aware of any new listings, conditional sales, or properties that have sold in your area. The Regina real estate market can change quickly if a large number of homes come onto the market or sell within a short time frame. I keep analytics of how all my Regina MLS® listings are performing online by tracking how many views they get on, Facebook, and other social media platforms. 

I have a unique approach to marketing Regina homes for sale. I always take professional photos and showcase the listing using SEO-friendly video and written content. The goal is to attract as many buyers as possible.

Receiving An Offer

Receiving An Offer

Once you receive an offer, I will negotiate with the buyers on your behalf and we will work together to get an acceptable sale price for you. The “conditions period” is the 7-10 day period the buyer requires to get approval of a mortgage, and complete the home inspection and any other inspections they need. I will act as a liaison between the buyer and their agent and you to provide any additional information they request. 

Once conditions have been removed, the seller can disconnect utilities, meet with their lawyers, and move forward with the sale process. The home is not officially SOLD until mortgage funds have been transferred. 

Be sure to read through my Home Sellers Guide for FAQs, detailed offer to purchase information, and so much more! 

Buying And Selling Regina’s Best Homes

Kelsey Smith is Regina’s choice for buying and selling homes. Buying or selling can be complex and stressful. Selecting the right Realtor® can ease the process. Kelsey Smith brings market insight, extensive experience, a streamlined strategy, top-level marketing know-how, and expert negotiating skills as your real estate partner to ensure the best outcomes for your sale or purchase.

Sellers FAQs

The correct answer to this question depends on your situation. Some people will buy a new house before they put their home on the market and others will insist on having a firm sale in place before they even start looking at other Regina properties. Partnering with a Regina Realtor® is the best way to develop a seamless strategy to buy a new home when selling your current home.

It’s not uncommon to receive a low-ball offer in any market. Some buyer’s have no regard for the seller’s bottom line and simply want to purchase a home for significantly less than it’s worth. If you receive this type of offer, try not to be offended. Consult with me, we will submit a counter offer or reject the offer completely. These types of offers usually indicate that the buyer is not serious about the property and that they are just looking to get a good deal.

There are so many things you can do to prepare your home for sale. The best advice I can give you is to clean, declutter, consider a pre-listing home inspection, and make sure the professional photos you receive make your home look like a show home! For more advice on preparing your home for sale, check out the Ultimate Sellers To Do List in my Home Seller’s Guide.

I believe having the knowledge about everything Regina real estate related makes me qualified. I have represented many happy home buyers and sellers with their real estate needs and I understand the real estate market and the steps needed to sell a home. That means that I will give you my best advice, I will tell you what you need to do to get your home ready and I will use every resource I have available to find a buyer for your property. Having specific knowledge about the market conditions, neighbourhoods, buyer demographics, negotiations and more are all incredibly important assets a Realtor should have but many don’t.

There is no 1 correct answer to this question. Every day we see Regina real estate listings selling for all kinds of prices. In this market, we see sales happening 5K-15K under the asking price and also sales where the sale price is right at asking or above.

It depends on the home. A properly priced home should sell within 30 days. Homes for sale in Regina with a value of over 500,000 have a long day on the market because there are fewer qualified buyers in this price range. If I were doing a market analysis on your home, I would be able to pull past information that would provide insight into how long it takes other houses in your neighbourhood to sell on average.

The long & short answer is no. There will never be a person walking through your home who is not either in the presence of or being accompanied by a Regina Realtor.

Traditionally, a larger portion of Regina homes for sale sells in the spring and summer months. This is because of the nice weather, lack of seasonal commitments and influx of motivated buyers. Even in the winter, there are many motived buyers trudging through the snow and cold to find their dream home. The best time of year to sell your home is when your finances are in order, when your house is ready to go onto the market and when you know where you are moving to.

As your Regina real estate agent, I will determine what your home is worth by doing a comparative market analysis. Comparing your property against other homes that have sold in your neighbourhood, taking into account the sales activity happening within your specific neighbourhood and overall sales activity in the city, I will be able to provide you with a strategic list price.

There are so many things you can do to prepare your home for sale. The best advice I can give you is to clean, declutter, consider a pre-listing home inspection and make sure the professional photos you receive make your home look like a Regina show home!

A Partner For All Of Your Real Estate Goals

A Partner For All Of Your Real Estate Goals

Providing my clients with an exceptional home buying or selling experience is my top priority. First-time home buyers, empty nesters, sellers, and investors can expect current data and insight to make the most informed decisions regarding their real estate transactions. I promise to share my knowledge, my experience, and my time as we work together to achieve your Regina real estate goals. Connect with me for a free consultation at 1-306-552-7047 and let’s partner to make it happen.

Kelsey Smith Is Regina’s Choice

Choosing the right Realtor® is key to ensure a positive and successful real estate transaction. Kelsey Smith promises to deliver the education and time necessary to buy or sell your Regina home. Call 1-306-552-7047 and rest easy knowing you have made the right choice.

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