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Hey, I’m Kelsey Smith

I have been selling Regina real estate for six years and over the years I have come to focus on a few things. My goal when working with sellers is to help them feel satisfied with the overall experience of listing their house for sale, going through the viewings, receiving the offer, and ultimately being happy with the sale price of the property. Being a seller’s agent is an important job.

With my guidance, your property's first impression on the market and to the buyers will impact your pocketbook and your future plans. I believe that homeowners need to be valued, respected, and communicated with through the entire selling process to create the best outcome and the happiest clients!

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Assessing The Home

Assessing the value of your family home is probably one of the most important factors to a seller, for good reason.

Initially, I will ask a series of questions and request an in-person viewing of the property. This in-person viewing is very important as it provides you an opportunity to tell me everything you know about the home including all of the improvements you’ve made to the home over the years and anything else you think contributes to the value of the home. This meeting helps me understand your concerns, your goals, and your needs for selling.

Once I have seen the home, I will go back to the office and put together the “Market Analysis” which is a comprehensive look at comparative sales in your neighborhood. From there, I will determine the best list price for your home, the marketing plan, the strategy, and the commission.

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Preparing to Hit the Market

Once we have determined an asking price and you are satisfied with the listing strategy and marketing, we have to get the home ready to hit the market! Sometimes this includes touching up paint, professionally cleaning the home, carpet shampooing, decluttering, pre-packing, lawn mowing, and more.

There can be a lot that goes into getting the home ready and sometimes it can be the most exhausting part of the whole process. But I promise you, all the money and effort you put into getting the home ready will impact what you end up with as a selling price. It’s worth putting in the effort and taking my advice!

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Once the For Sale Sign Goes Up

Once the home is ready and we have taken our photos & video, I roll out your marketing plan.

This means we create all of the online content for your listing including the property description, blog articles, and social media posts. Within days or even hours, you will likely receive a flurry of showing requests which will feel the heaviest with the first few days on market.

This is an integral time to make any adjustments to the presentation of the property such as cleanliness, smells, or making the property more accessible to potential buyers at different times of the day. It’s important to note that I collect feedback from every buyer who views the property so that we can make any necessary adjustments to the home as quickly as possible.

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Dealing with Viewings and Offers

Selling a property is not a perfect art, there can be challenges in allowing multiple people to walk through your home in a day. I have procedures in place to protect you as best I can through COVID-19 and to make sure that all parties entering the home are being respectful.

You will always receive ample notice of a viewing request. When we receive an offer, you and I will go through all of the components of the offer and make sure that all of the terms and conditions, price & possession date are acceptable to you. With guidance and advice, you will be able to achieve an outcome that suits your needs. Most importantly, when you list your home with me you get me.

I am always available to handle your concerns, frustrations, or questions. It will be myself who presents the offers to you, who handles your paperwork, who provides you market updates and communicates with you about the viewing requests.

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