Before viewing homes, I offer a "buyer consult" to ensure they understand every aspect of the home buying process, including the benefits of a pre-approval, negotiations and what they can expect for closing costs. My home buyer's guide has a ton of excellent information designed to inform and set you up for home buying success. I look for properties that suit my client's needs and respect financial limitations. My clients have confidence knowing they can call me at any time. 

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Our Home Buying Process

1. Consultation for Home Buyers

Are you buying a house in Regina or the surrounding area? You may want to jump right in and scheduling viewings. However, prior to starting the physical home search, I ask that buyers meet with me for a “buyer consult session.” During this meeting, I explain what to expect at every step while home buying. We discuss the criteria of your dream home, what defects are important to look for when viewing homes and everything else from the home inspection, to negotiations and how to choose your real estate lawyer. 

2. Mortgage Pre-Approval

Home buyers should get pre-approved first so that they know exactly how much house they can afford. If you don't have a pre-approval, when you find the perfect home you could become disappointed to learn that someone else bought it while you were waiting for your pre-approval or to learn that you were looking outside your affordability.  Even if you’re certain you qualify, getting a pre-approval from a Regina mortgage broker can streamline the process and make sure there are no disappointing surprises. It also makes the mortgage approval process much faster and less stressful for you! 

3. View Listings

Once we’ve had our “buyer consult” and you’ve received your pre-approval, we can start looking at homes seriously. I encourage buyers to use any of the available platforms when looking for Regina MLS listings. Some of the main platforms are or Point2Homes but right here at is a wonderful place to start your search. As your Regina real estate agent, I will also search for and send you listings that meet your needs. Once we have a handful of possibilities picked out, I will schedule the viewings on your behalf and we will go house hunting together.  

4. Making An Offer

When you’re ready to make an offer, I will explain to you the terms and conditions and legalities of the contract. Most importantly, I perform a comparative market analysis on the property to ensure you pay no more than fair market value and ideally a little less than that! I will help you formulate a strong offer that has the most likeness to be accepted by the sellers. Remember that using a buyer's agent is a free service to you as a home buyer. The commissions for a buyers agent are paid for by the seller. 

Remember that homes come with necessary maintenance and no property is perfect. Chances are you will have to clean the gutters or do some other repair type maintenance to the property upon move in. However, if something is wrong with any of the major structural systems like the sewer lines, furnace, air exchanger, shingles or chimney; you may have a right to negotiate or walk away from the purchase if you feel it’s too much to take on.

No, but you should know that you aren’t saving any money by buying privately. Regardless of if you are buying on MLS Regina or buying privately you should still seriously consider having a home inspection and a Professional Home Appraisal done. When buying privately, you should know that you run the risk of making an oversight that could have been avoided if you had your own advocate & real estate professional providing guidance.

There are huge benefits to owning both kind of these properties. Condos in Regina serve great purposes for all kinds of people. They are low maintenance, super convenient and you can buy them brand new! Single family homes offer other awesome benefits like having your own lot, being able to have 16 dogs (if you want) and not being within ears distance of a neighbor.

5% of the purchase price is the minimum amount needed to buy a home in Regina. So if you are buying a $300,000 home, you will need at least $15,000.

There are so many ways you can prepare to buy a home in Regina. My advice would be set up a buyer consult with myself or your Regina mortgage broker. The real estate agent will be the person you spend the most time with and they communicate the most with all the other service providers you will work with such as a home inspector, lawyer and mortgage broker. The mortgage broker will be the first person to tell you what you can afford.

As your Regina real estate agent, before you make an offer on any property, I will preform a comparative market analysis to determine what the fair market value of the home is. By making dollar adjustments based on certain value factors against the property you like and others that have sold or are currently available on MLS Regina, I will be able to help you determine what dollar amount you should offer for the home and what price you should avoid paying.

Using a Regina real estate agent when you are buying a home is a free service, the agent is paid from a portion the sale proceeds the seller receives when you put a new mortgage on their property. The commission is pre set by the seller and the seller’s agent before the property is listed on MLS Regina and has no affect on the sale price.

Using a Regina Realtor® when buying a home will relieve so much of the uncertainty buyers can have while going through the process. We represent people who are buying homes every day. We are versed in contractual law; negotiations and we know what defects to look for when viewing homes for sale in Regina. Realtors® are meant to be an asset to you while buying a home.

The average person looks at less than 20 Regina homes for sale. If you are specific about your new home’s criteria, you should be able to look at 20 MLS Regina listings or less.

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