The Not So Sparkly Parts of Being a Regina Real Estate Homeowner

So, you’re ready to buy some Regina real estate and become a homeowner! Congratulations on achieving this accomplishment. Becoming a homeowner is hard work and believe me when I say that the hard work doesn’t stop once you’ve found your perfect home. From yearly maintenance, property taxes, and unforeseen circumstances, homeowners need to become knowledgeable about the extra costs of owning Regina real estate.

Exterior maintenance

Whether your home is in Texas, the Bahamas, or Regina, all homes require exterior maintenance. The type of maintenance it requires depends largely on the weather in your area. In Regina, we experience very cold weather which can, over time, cause damage to your home’s exterior. Remaining vigilant to keep the exterior in good shape and well maintained is important.

A few winter weather tips to keep in mind:

  • Clear your gutters from debris before cold weather. Ice and snow can build up in blocked gutters and result in ice dams and water damage
  • Reapply caulk to any cracks around windows. The fluctuation in winter temperature can cause caulk to pull away from windows creating cold drafts and a hike in your heating bills.
  • Properly remove snow away from your property. This includes decks, driveways, sidewalks and patios. Moving snow away from your property will prevent a large amount of water from melting into your basement in the spring.

Questionable Soil

Whether you are purchasing a new home or an older one, gumbo soil is a factor in Regina real estate. Our soil conditions can cause sewer line issues, as well as causing garages to lean, basements to crack, foundations to settle etc.

Property Taxes

When you become a homeowner, property taxes become a yearly bill to save and ensure timely payment on. Keeping in mind that Regina, in fact, does have high taxes per capita. In fact, 3 days ago it was announced that property taxes will increase 3.4 per cent in the next 2022 budget. Which works out on average to be an increase of $6 per month (for a home assessed at $315,000) This isn’t unusual for Regina, the City has seen numerous tax increases over the past few years in order to keep up with the growing economy and costs.

Regina is one of the best most affordable Central Canadian cities and it is a privilege to own a piece of Regina real estate. Ensuring you are well prepared when becoming a homeowner is a goal I strive to achieve when working with any buyer or client of mine.

If you want to discuss more about owning Regina real estate, give me a call at 306-552-7047 or fill out my online contact form!

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