Self Research A Seller Can Do When Looking To Hire A Regina Realtor

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Selling a house is one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll ever make, so it is vital to hire the right Regina Realtor to help you. The first step a seller should take when looking to hire a Realtor is to perform some research. You want to find an experienced professional who listens to your concerns, knows the market, and makes you comfortable. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as your researching different agents.  

Ask Friends & Family For Referrals

The most common way to find a realtor is through word of mouth. Sellers can ask their friends or family who has recently bought or sold a home for a Realtor recommendation. Referrals and testimonials from people you trust carry a lot of weight in your decision-making. It is important to gather information on what they liked and disliked about their Realtor and why they feel they are worth recommending. 

Pro Tip: If your friends and family hired their agent because they’re best friends, it’s best to make sure you continue your research. Your friends and family members may have had much lower expectations from that agent because of the previous relationship. 

Go Online

We live in an age where there is so much information at our disposal, so sellers should use all of their resources. There are plenty of paid websites that can refer you to real estate professionals but that's no assurance of quality. A good online tool is to review a Regina Realtors online presence which includes their social media, Google reviews, and website. It is important for Realtors to have a strong online impression because it indicates that the Realtor is savvy with today's marketing techniques and it provides you with an opportunity to see how they service their other seller clients. Web presences are as good a resume nowadays, do your digging! 

Interview Realtors

It may be tempting to hire the first Realtor you talk to in order to save time and the quality of your real estate agent can really make or break your experience. Sellers should interview at least three Realtors before choosing who they want to hire to sell their home. Interviewing a few potential Regina Realtors will give sellers the opportunity to ask questions, and learn about the agent’s experience, level of professionalism and areas of expertise. Plus, you should be comfortable with the Realtor's personality, energy level, work hours, and you should approve of the overall selling strategy. 

The biggest mistake sellers make when choosing a realtor is hiring them based solely on the highest list price and lowest commission. Realtors cannot guarantee a home sale price, so the agent who suggested the highest list price could be untruthful on what sellers could sell their home for. If a seller list’s their house too high, they might not get any showings and it could sit on the market for a long time. Eventually, the seller will wonder what the agent is actually doing to sell the home and become disappointed in the agent and the process. It is important the real estate agent shows statistics supporting their list price before a seller hires them. If the agent is unable to provide you with any market data supporting the price they recommend, question how they came up with the suggested list price. This work’s both if you think the price is too high and if you think it’s too low! 

The process of picking your Regina Realtor could feel overwhelming. As much as I believe the decision requires research and educated decision-making, it’s also a gut instinct. Work with who you believe will advocate for your home in the best way and provide you with the best service. 

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