Four Key Negotiation Strategies I Use As A Regina Realtor

As a Regina Realtor of 7 years, I have been in my fair share of negotiations. It’s my job as a Regina Realtor to ensure my client is highly satisfied with the process and with the outcome of the negotiations. That is why, over my years of experience, I have compiled key negotiation strategies I use as a Regina Realtor to make sure that happens. 


Each negotiation and situation is unique and needs to be examined to come up with the correct strategy for negotiations. Not every offer requires the same strategies to be successful. What strategy I use for a first time home buyer is going to be different from my strategies for an investor or developer. So keep that in mind while I share four of my key negotiation strategies as a Regina Realtor with you now.

#1 – The Offer

Undeniably the most important factor is the offer that is presented. A simple and mistake free offer goes a long way when trying to come out on top, especially if there are multiple offers involved. Completing the perfect offer comes along with, among other things, thought out subjects and deposits that are straightforward and concise. 

Ensuring the offer is clean and properly executed is a major factor in the decision for the seller as it shows preparedness, efficiency, and reliability.

#2 – Personal Letter

A favorite negotiation strategy of mine as a Regina Realtor is sending a personal letter about the buyers along with the offer. Not only does it tug at the seller’s heartstrings, it allows the seller to connect the contract to a family making the decision feel more important.

I love to add in fun bits about the family, their hobbies, background, and where they are moving from. Most importantly, adding in the families hopes and dreams for the upcoming home they wish to purchase to seal the deal. Adding a photo or two is also a great way to connect to the seller.

#3 – Open Possession Date

Although this one isn’t feasible for everyone, leaving an open possession day can go a long way in getting a firm offer in place. Letting the sellers choose the possession day offers a bit of control which often leaves them more flexible in other areas of the offer.

If a buyer is flexible on the possession date, I do suggest this strategy going into the offer as it can be highly successful.

#4 – Pre-approval letter

If the offer has a financing subject, a fantastic way to give the seller more piece of mind is to include a pre-approval letter along with the offer. This will show the seller that the buyer has done their due diligence and is qualified to be making the offer and following through.

If a pre-approval letter isn’t readily available, then a letter with information about the buyer's financing would also be sufficient. Keeping in mind not to give away any personal information.

Presenting an offer is an important, if not the most important, step when committing to buying a home. Once you finally find a home that you’ve dreamed of, and searched long and hard for, it's then time to put in the effort in presenting the best, most quality offer you can and that’s where these strategies come into place.

I strive to ensure my clients not only find their dream home, but find the negotiation process fairly seamless and stress-free. Having key negotiation strategies is a skill that comes with experience and knowledge and should be presented to you when you are choosing a Regina Realtor to work with.

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