The ULTIMATE To Do List For Selling A Home In Regina

You’ve decided the time is right, your ready to sell the family home. There are plenty of resources out there to help you prepare, some sources will suggest painting the whole house and some will suggest just pricing it right. Within the article, you will not find anything suggesting pricing the home “right.” In this article, you will find a ton of suggestions and an ULTIMATE to do list for selling a home in Regina. 

Firstly, I want to suggest a pre-listing home inspection

Having a pre-listing home inspection will give you an opportunity to address any deficiencies or maintenance items in your home before the buyer does. Think of it this way, if you had a home inspection on a home you offered to purchase and there were minimal issues to deal with, it would make your decision to move forward with the purchase that much easier and quicker, wouldn’t it?

It’s not about spending thousands of dollars on shingles or a kitchen reno. It’s about fixing the leak under the sink, or tacking down the shingles, fixing leaks in the gutters. Simple things, that are annoying to take care of but important. 

Secondly, I recommend a good clean

A clean looking, smelling and feeling home is comforting to a buyer, no matter how dated or new the property. A clean home makes people strangers feel good when they walk through it. 

Third, declutter

Just do it, store away the out of season decorations. Pre-pack the winter clothes, hobby material and extra books. A sparse home is a nice home. It’s hard but makes it easier for the buyers to picture their own belongings in the home.


Here is the ULTIMATE to do list for selling a home in Regina: 

Think functionality:

  • Pack away out of season clothing and shoes from the front and back doors
  • Pack away kitchen appliances you only use once in a while 
  • Pack away out of season blankets (mid-winter duvets can go into storage if not being used)
  • Pack away unruly stacks of books or hobby material not being used 
  • Pack away miscellaneous objects in the home such as vases, jewelry stands, CD cases, extra entertainment devices
  • Pack away anything currently out of season (Christmas lights, wreaths, Halloween decorations)
  • Store away extra children’s toys 
  • Make sure all windows open & close properly 
  • Repair or replace broken appliances (unless disclosing otherwise)


Think Clean:

  • Give all the trim & baseboards one good wash
  • Wipe down (and declutter) countertops
  • Sweep/Wash floors
  • Wash walls (remove fingerprints)
  • Make all of the beds
  • Clean up any animal leftovers in the backyard
  • Ensure no animal smells or hair 
  • Put dirty dishes away
  • Declutter, wash and clean the fridge
  • Clean the stove & microwave
  • Light a subtle candle or aromatic scent that will get rid of any cooking smells (no vanilla)
  • Deep clean any carpets
  • Clean garbage cans
  • Clean windows & window sills (inside & out)


Think Appealing:

  • Fix any faucet/plumbing leaks
  • Scrub grout clean or buy grout stain for tile flooring/bathrooms
  • Replace old dirty shower curtains
  • Ensure bathtub doors/mirrors are spotless
  • Repair any dings & scratches in the drywall
  • Repair or replace broken light fixtures and light switch panels
  • Beat out dirty rugs
  • Lubricate squeaky doors
  • Fix stiff door handles or closet doors
  • Repaint for freshness
  • Get rid of dark & dampening drapery
  • Repair loose hand railings or outdoor fences
  • Install brighter light bulbs if dim
  • Clean furnace & water heater
  • Replace furnace filter if needed 



  • Remove snow from driveway & sidewalks (make assessable for buyers)
  • Keep grass cut
  • Rake leaves
  • Maintain weeds & bushes
  • Ensure there is no garbage on the lawn or around the property line
  • Adjust grading if needing
  • Pressure wash siding
  • Touch up window sills with paint
  • Clean window screens
  • Fix loose eaves
  • Fix lose shingles
  • Clean gutters
  • Replace broken windows
  • Clean/organize outdoor furniture
  • Check that house numbers, mailbox and exterior lighting are all in good condition



  • Make sure openers/controls are working
  • Declutter shelving units
  • Remove any potent smells if possible
  • Seal concrete
  • Organize storage


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There are so many great suggestions in this Ultimate to-do list for selling a Regina home. If you take care of these things, I guarantee you won’t have any problems selling your property. If you have any questions about this list, give me a call and I’d be happy to chat. If you need a real estate agent to help you get your home on the market, I’m your gal! You can reach me at 306-552-7047 or by using my online contact form.

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