THREE Unique Services I Offer as a Regina Buyers Agent

The average real estate agent in Regina sells approximately 8 homes a year. As a non average real estate agent, I personally sell more than 3x that number by myself as a single agent. That means I’m on the ground, working with buyers and sellers, in the middle of all things Regina Real estate. Why is this important?

Because, the fact that I sell a large number of homes every year makes me mentally and professionally equipped to handle any issue, challenge or hurdle that may come up during the home buying process. PRACTICE makes perfect, and I practice selling real estate every single day of the year. This makes me unique. Real estate is my full-time job, I only sell homes for a living. This alone makes me capable of representing all kinds of buyers.

To be a little more specific, I’ll break down a few things that make me a bit more unique as a Regina Buyers Agent:

1. I Actually Work With a Large Number of Home Buyers 

A large portion of my clients are home buyers. I don’t represent mostly buyers or sellers; my business is pretty evenly split between the two. This means that I’m not “better” at representing either buyers or sellers better than the other. I am very good a representing both. The fact that I work with buyers regularly means I have excellent knowledge of market conditions, properties for sale in certain areas and I understand what challenges buyers may face in todays market. 


2. I Perform a Market Analysis Before Writing an Offer 

When a client of mine finds a home they like, I have to research the property. I need to find out if the home is priced too high, how long its been on the market and any other important information specific to the property. It is my job as a Regina buyers agent to ensure that my client doesn’t overpay for the property they like. The only way to do this is to perform a comparable market analysis on the home before the buyer makes an offer. Unfortunately, you might be surprised at how many Regina buyers’ agents don’t do this. 


3. I Also Represent Sellers 

You might think that it’s contradicting to actively represent both buyers and sellers at the same time. However, representing sellers keeps my negotiation skills extra sharp and it keeps my knowledge of the market place current. It’s important to work with both sides of the transaction so that an agent is always able to stay on top of their game by understanding the strategies of both buyers and sellers. 

As a Regina buyers’ agent, it has been a priority of mine for the last 4.5 years to provide the very best service I possibly can. Ensuring people understand all the working parts of the home, ensuring they aren’t overpaying for the property and providing them quality advice on investing in real estate have been the pillars of my career and have allowed me to create some raving fans and fantastic reviews. 

“Kelsey was incredibly easy to communicate with, knew exactly what I was looking for after just a few meetings, and very easy to work alongside. Looked at multiple houses after hours and later to support my work schedule, and had several new listings sent to me on a weekly basis. My first time home buying experience could not have gone smoother thanks to Kelsey! Highly recommend.” - Kurtis Mayer

“Kelsey made the purchase of our first home very easy and enjoyable. She took the time to explain everything that we needed to know when purchasing our home. She was very accommodating and wonderful to work with! Would definitely recommend.” - Brandon Norton 

“Kelsey was an amazing asset to myself and my partner Jordan during our time of buying our first house! She made the process beyond easy, answered any and all questions, and really made sure that we were happy with our purchase. I would recommend Kelsey to whoever is in the market for a new house! Kelsey was great with working with our difficult schedule which made things go smoothly for us. Thank you again Kelsey for all your hard work in helping us get into our DREAM home.” - Alyssa Harvey 


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