Regina Homes For Sale With BAD Locations And Tips To Get Them SOLD!

Not all homes are created equally- an unfortunate truth that affects everyday seller’s and their pocketbooks. Some homes have defects that are incurable- or very costly. Some have been smoked in, neglected and not maintained. Some are just overpriced! But what about those Regina homes for sale with nothing wrong other than a "bad" location?

Normal people drive by those very busy neighbourhood intersections and wonder how difficult it would be for the owners to back out of their driveway or how loud it would be during rush hour traffic… I drive by and wonder how that home must be marketed differently to guarantee its sale or even encourage more showings. I wonder what kind of strategies should be used to encourage the sale or what the owners we're told about the property when they agree'd to purchase it.

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Make sure it shows 10/10

The one thing you have within your control, especially when selling a home, is making sure the home looks great during showings. It is the easiest and most cost-effective thing you can do to encourage positive feedback from buyers even if the home has some less than desirable features. Always remove pet smells, take out garbage’s, declutter counters and bathrooms.

This includes making sure the snow is pushed away from the sidewalk or the lawn is maintained nicely (no garbage caught under trees or bushes!). Curb appeal means a lot for buyers and may be even more important if the home is located on a busy street.


2. Be Modest With Renovations

If you list and it’s taking a while for the home to sell, consider the alternatives to renovating the interior of the home. A new roof, functional shingles, and sewer lines are considered items that must be in working condition upon purchase, so they are considered improvements to the home but, not in the same way a new kitchen is considered an improvement. A home will survive without granite counter tops, but it will be in trouble without functional sewer lines, right?

Regina homes for sale with poor locations should be equipped with all the working parts, so you can let new owners worry about their own cosmetic upgrades. Don’t spend money on cosmetic improvements while your home is on the market unless 100% necessary.


3. Consider Incentives

You might be considering a price reduction. A price reduction will certainly make the home more attractive for buyers within that price range. Consider offering a kickback or covering the cost of the buyer’s legal fees first. Some other options would be increasing the buyer’s brokerage commission, crediting the buyers for the cost of a new furnace or anything else that may need to be upgraded immediately.

  • Example: Seller willing to credit the cost of legal fees towards the purchase of 123 Happy Lane up to the amount of $3,000.00. Negotiable terms.
  • Example: Seller willing to credit the cost of new carpet in the basement up to an amount of $3,000.00. OR Seller willing to install new carpet for the buyer upon possession and pending buyer’s choice of carpet, up to a cost of $0.00. Negotiable terms.

Leaving it open to negotiate means that you don’t have to accept a low offer AND give them a credit, but it does open the door to more buyers.

You have to make Regina homes for sale with bad locations look EXTREMELY attractive to compensate for the location.


4. Remember Why You Bought The Home

There were probably plenty of Regina homes for sale on the market when you were looking and for some reason, you bought this specific home even with a less than ideal location. Think back to why exactly you bought that home and how it appealed to you.

Homes across from commercial development offer convenience factors.

Home across from a cemetery will provide very quiet surroundings.

Appartments downtown are extremely accessible. 

And sometimes, Regina homes for sale with poor locations are priced well below anything else that’s for sale in the area. If this is why you bought the home, then remember that the price will be important for other buyers who are considering your home.

Regina homes for sale in poor locations will take longer to sell. They will require more patience from the seller and will require more strategy during the listing process. Hold strong and know that there is a buyer for every home!


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