How Do Regina Real Estate Agents Assist Home Buyers?

Home buyers require a different service than a home seller does. The needs of the buyers are entirely different from those of a seller and Regina real estate agents must be very good at catering to the specific needs of a home buyer. Buyer’s who have never purchased a home before have a lot of questions and may be slightly nervous during the process. It is the job of the real estate agent to provide the buyer with all the information they need so they can make a decision.

All Regina real estate agents must adhere to certain fiduciary duties and responsibilities, specifically outlined in the Agency Discloser signed between the agent and the buyer. They include:

  • Obey all lawful instruction 
  • Represent the best interest of the buyer 
  • To fully disclose known facts which might affect the buyer’s decision to purchase the home
  • Protect the financial and personal information of the buyer even after they have purchased
  • Safeguard the buyer’s documents and money 
  • Exercise reasonable care and diligence 

Aside from the mandatory duties and responsibilities, Regina real estate agents help buyers with tons of other things during the home buying process! 


1. Scheduling Viewings And All Other Appointments

The agent is responsible for communicating with the buyers about what property they want to view and successfully scheduling the viewings with the seller’s agent for that time. Aside from viewings, the agent is responsible for scheduling the home inspections and ensuring the home inspector and buyer can meet at a confirmed time to go through the inspection. 


2. Providing All Information About The Home

The agent is required to do due diligence to the buyer by attempting to find out all information about the property. This includes assisting with a home inspection, pulling title and answering all the buyer's questions to the best of their ability.


3. Assisting With The Process

The Regina real estate agent should be available at any time (within reason) to answer any questions or concerns you have. They should meet with you to talk about each step during the home buying process or provide a buyers counseling session before you get started. 


4. Provide Information On Industry Needed Professionals

Regina real estate agents know plenty of lawyers, appraisers, mortgage brokers and home inspectors. It is the buyer’s responsibility to interview and choose at their own discretion which industry professionals they wish to use, but the agent can provide multiple referrals for each of these services. 


5. Assist With All Paperwork

Once the buyer has decided they want to make an offer, the agent will provide a comparative market analysis, help with the offer to purchase paperwork and coordinate all negotiations. Once the offer is accepted the agent will send all necessary paperwork to the mortgage broker and lawyers.



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