FOUR Reasons To Get A Plumbing Inspection When Buying New Houses For Sale In Regina

All this talk about Home Inspections and we don’t mention plumbing inspections very often. At least, we don’t elaborate on why they are so important in the home buying process. New houses for sale in Regina can be subject to plumbing issues regardless of age. Plumbing issues can arise in brand new houses or houses that are 50 years old.

Houses in Regina were built with two types of plumbing systems- cast iron or ABS or PVC (plastic pipe). Cast iron was used pre 1970’s. Cast iron was very susceptible to rust and over-time deterioration. ABS is a plastic type of piping that was invented as a step above cast iron. Many homes built in the 70’s have ABS piping and have no issues or defects. PVC is the most common type of plumbing used today; very similar to ABS.

Here are FOUR reasons why you should have a plumbing inspection when buying new houses for sale in Regina:

1. The Sewer Line Under the Home May Be Clogged or Damaged

The sewer line is an invisible component of a home unless a camera is run down into the lines and viewed. The camera the plumbing inspector uses can record up to 100 meters, so the plumber can see right under the home all the way to a street or city-owned property. Hiring a plumbing inspector to video the plumbing lines will allow the plumber to see if there are any holes, tree roots, cracks or other defects in the line that can cause the new home owner’s problems down the road.


2. Turn Up Hidden Water Damage

The plumbing inspector will check the sewer lines under the home, but they will also look at the toilet fixtures, sink drains and taps. They can indicate whether any of those units have been leaking or need to be replaced. There shouldn’t be any plumbing issues in brand new houses for sale in Regina, but a plumbing inspection will be able to determine if all the plumbing was done to code.


3. Provide Information to Negotiate

If there are issues with the plumbing, particularly the sewer lines and if they need to be replaced, this can be an expense of $1500-$10,000 depending on how extensive the job is. A faulty sewer line decreases the value of the property. The buyer may be able to negotiate half the quoted cost to repair the issue if the seller agrees. The buyer is only able to negotiate these costs while working to remove conditions on the property. The seller cannot be legally held responsible if the buyer did not investigate the plumbing prior to agreeing to purchase the home.


4. Peace of Mind

You wouldn’t want an unexpected sewer back up in your brand-new home, right? A sewer back up that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars and many many hours tied up in an insurance claim that could have been prevented right from the start. Having a plumbing inspection will provide you peace of mind knowing that the home you bought is working correctly. If the plumbing is not working correctly, then at least you can take necessary precautions to prevent any further issues.

When looking at new houses for sale in Regina, remember that you must be the prudent buyer. Having a simple plumbing inspection can put all your worries at ease and prevent plenty of headaches!


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