5 Reasons You Need Open Houses in Regina

Some say that open houses in Regina are mandatory for selling a home, others say they’re just a way for Realtors to pick up clients. I’d say, both are equally true. As a realtor, I have both sold properties by hosting an open house and I have also met new clients. However, the first priority is to showcase the property where the open house is being held and to encourage the buyer’s interest in it. The real estate agent’s job during the open house is to point out the positive features and upgrades in the property and to answer any and all questions about it. The first priority is to sell the home. 

Let me tell you the FIVE benefits of open houses in Regina: 

1. Extra advertising & exposure

In order to get traffic through the home, the real estate agent should advertise the property in a couple different ways. The most important would be to register the open house with the local board, this will syndicate the open house date & time to 500 different real estate websites including Remax Regina, realtor.ca, SK open houses, Kelsey Smith.ca and many more.

Besides registering open houses in Regina online, the agent should do a couple social media posts promoting and notifying the followers about the property. You would be surprised how much interest this kind of post get’s online. 

I’d say there’s nothing wrong with making the extra effort and taking advantage of another reason to advertise the property. 


2. Word of Mouth

Chances are you’ll get a nosey neighbour or a lookie-Lou coming through the property. As much as we don’t appreciate people coming into an open house just to see how we live, everyone has an extended network. Meaning that anyone who attends open houses in Regina may know someone who is currently looking to buy a home and they might be able to recommend yours.


3. Doesn’t Cost a Thing 

We all like free things. It doesn’t hurt to get out of the house for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Most open houses are 2 hours long and they don’t cost you as the seller a thing. 

BONUS: Ask your Regina real estate agent to do as many open houses as you want, they don’t cost the agent anything but time and energy. And you’re paying them for that, right? 


4. 10 Buyers in 2 Hours 

For every viewing that is scheduled, you probably spend 30 minutes to an hour away from the home. An open house allows multiple potential buyers to come through the property in a shorter window and this way you don’t have to leave the house for 10 hours. It’s a win-win.


5. Be optimistic 

Have a positive mindset about the possibility of finding a buyer as a result of open houses in Regina. It is possible. Plus, there’s a positive benefit to the extra advertising and word of mouth that can come out of it. 

I’m the kind of person who believes in doing everything I can to encourage a sale. The extra advertising and a few hours spent at the home over the weekend is a service to the seller and it only increases the awareness around the property.


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