5 Benefits to Buying Regina Show Homes

Looking at Regina Show Homes on a lazy Sunday has become many peoples’ guilty pleasure. Due to the number of new neighbourhoods popping up in our city, there has been an increase in new home builders showing off their work in “show home” form.

If you are looking at purchasing a new home, I would strongly recommend reading this article where I reveal 5 benefits that are worth some serious consideration when buying Regina show homes:

1. Upgrades, upgrades and more upgrades

Regina show homes are packed with upgrades! Builders are advertising the quality of work and, in turn, hoping to showcase their best work and potential upgrades for buyers that choose to build with them. What does that mean? That you can expect to see upgrades in all areas of the house, from flooring, cabinets, countertops, molding, architectural details, doors, windows, lighting fixtures and appliances.

2. More extras please

Home builders wants to show off their best work and that means that they will most likely add finishing touches to the house that are not normally included with a new home sale to make the show home look complete. This can include landscaping, fireplaces, built in shelving, blinds and even a garage that could cost a homeowner thousands of dollars otherwise. These extras paired with all of the upgrades to the home can be wondrous when it comes to resale value.

3. It’s all in the details

A show home is decorated by a professional. This means that careful attention to detail has been considered with each piece of furniture, art piece and prop that has been added to the show home for visitors to see. These details are aligned with the latest trends and can sometimes be for sale as is. If not available for purchase, it can always give the new show home owner some added inspiration!

4. Timing of the construction phase matters

A key factor that is often overlooked when purchasing a new home in a new neighbourhood is the construction. Most new home owners who purchase at the beginning of a construction phase will be living alongside noise, dirt and mess (to an extent) for months (sometimes years). But—when a Regina show home goes on the market, this is a key indicator that the construction phase is nearing an end. Therefore, you can forego the unattractive aspects of living in a new neighbourhood.

5. Quick possession can be very desirable

Moving into a home can have a possession date from weeks to months, fortunately, moving into a show home can be a home buyer’s fastest option to moving in. If you are in need of a house yesterday, or aren’t satisfied with a three-month possession date, show homes can accommodate a speedy possession. 

There are many benefits to purchasing Regina show homes that should not be overlooked if considering buying a never-been-lived-in home. Upgrades, extras, details, construction phase and quick possession are the five that are at the top of my list as a real estate professional. Of course, there are other factors that should be considered when purchasing a show home and I always recommend contacting a REALTOR® to ensure that buyers are not going into a transaction blind.


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