10 Frequently Asked Questions about Real Estate Companies in Regina

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There are numerous real estate companies in Regina. Our city holds approximately 520 Realtors®, including Moosejaw members, which are eligible to serve all areas of Saskatchewan. As of 2015, all newly licensed real estate agents must be licensed in Residential, Commercial and Farm real estate. Any member’s that were licensed prior to 2015 are only required to be licensed in the area they primarily focus on. 

It seems that a large portion of the public doesn’t understand how real estate companies in Regina operate against each other or what services the agents within a certain brokerage are able to provide. It’s a large misconception that agents with Re/max can only show properties listed by other Re/max agents! Let me clear the air on a few other things!

Here Are The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Companies In Regina

1. What is the difference between Re/Max, Century 21, Sutton, Realty One and other real estate companies in Regina?

There is only one main difference between all these companies/brokerages. Some are franchised across Canada and some are local to Regina.


2. Will my listing sell if I chose to list with a local brokerage that is not franchised?

Yes, it absolutely will. Brokerage names don’t sell listings. Real Estate Agent’s sell listings.


3. Are all real estate companies in Regina full service or are some of them limited?

Some real estate companies in Regina, like Colliers, only service commercial real estate. Colliers is a full-service company that only sells commercial property. Re/Max, Century 21, Sutton, and Realty One are all brokerages that have agents who are qualified to service Commercial, Residential and Farm real estate. Most real estate companies in Regina are full-service brokerages.

Real estate companies can also be considered home builders. Depending on the internal structure of the home builder, they may have real estate agents working with them. Other’s may operate only with new homes sales staff and new home sales staff are only able to sell the homes that specific builder offers.


4. Can my real estate agent show me a property that is listed with other real estate companies in Regina?

Yes. The Regina Real Estate Association is a cooperative group. For any home that gets listed on MLS, the seller has already agreed to cooperate with all other brokerages and agents within the association. A real estate agent who works for Re/Max can show any home listed with any other brokerage.


5. Will the people from Re/Max and Century 21 still see my listing if I list with a local brokerage?

All Regina MLS listings are syndicated. That means that you can find any listing on any one of the 500+ real estate websites in Saskatchewan. A home listed with Sutton will show on the Re/Max or C21 website and vice versa. Also, its important to note that Realtors® have access to a server called Matrix that provides the real estate agents information about ALL property listed on MLS.


6. Can my real estate agent help me purchase a home that hasn’t been built yet?

Yes, your real estate can help you purchase a newly built or to be built home. In fact, real estate agents can be extremely helpful when it comes to choosing a builder and picking the right product for your family. Real estate agents can also help determine what the home might be worth for its resale value.


7. If I am unable to meet with a real estate during business hours, do real estate agents work evenings and weekend?

Yes. Real estate agents are flexible and meet with clients when it is convenient for them. Agents primary working hours are evenings and weekends.


8. Is there a difference between a Seller’s Agent and a Buyer’s Agent?

Real estate agents have interchangeable roles, depending on which side of the transaction they are working on. If a real estate agent has your home listed on MLS Regina, they are acting as your Seller’s Agent. If you are working with an agent to purchase a home, they are acting as your Buyer’s Agent and sometimes a real estate agent can be both buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent to one set of clients.


9. Are the people working at show homes Realtors®?

Sometimes. Builders hire real estate agents to work on their team and work in the show homes. The person you talk to at a show home could also be a New Home Sales Consultant. This person is not a real estate agent and is only qualified/allowed to sell that builders product. If you are unsure, just ask if they are a real estate agent or a new home sales consultant.


10. Should a franchised real estate company be important to me when choosing my real estate agent?

The name of the brokerage does not guarantee any type of service. It comes down to the individual real estate agents work ethic, diligence, knowledge and overall service model that ultimately makes them a good agent. Choosing a local or franchised brokerage will not guarantee good or bad service. The agent you chose to work with will determine the success of your purchase or sale and the service you receive.


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I have been asked these same questions many times over the last 3 years and I trust that this information is true and accurate. Real estate companies in Regina are all different from each other but are very similar at their core. It is the agent’s who sell homes, who provide irreplaceable service and continually advance real estate. If you have any other questions about real estate companies in Regina please call me at 306-552-7047 or fill out my online contact form!

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