10 Tasks To Do After You Move Into Your Regina Property!

Congratulations! You bought an incredible Regina property and have successfully moved into it! It’s an exciting time, often stressful and full of planning. But at the end of the day, when everything is unpacked and you get settled in your new home, its worth it. You probably had a home inspection, so you have a list of repair items to take care of as soon as you move in. 

Over the next 6 months in your new Regina property, you’ll be getting acquainted with the home and the neighborhood. Depending on the home you bought or your plans for the future, you could spend years checking things off the list of items that came up in your home inspection. Let me help you prioritize some of those items by explaining what you should do first!

Here are the top 10 things to do within six months of moving into your Regina Property:

  1. Change the locks - You never know who might forget the previous owners moved or how many people had keys to this house in the first place!
  2. Clean the venting, ducts & furnace - Get rid of the old dust and start fresh with your own! It’ll make you feel good!
  3. Fix any safety hazards - There may have been some GFI plugs to repair or install in your kitchens or bathrooms. Maybe a connection to the electrical panel was installed incorrectly. Now is this time to take care of this!
  4. Fix any leaks or drainage issues in/around the property - Almost every Regina property needs to be re-graded. Proper grading around the foundation will prevent any water from finding its way into the basement. 
  5. Paint any exterior window frames that need a fresh coat - If you bought a home with wood window frames, you should repaint them with a water protectant wood paint, this will extend the life of your windows. 
  6. Change the furnace filter - Yup, you bet the sellers didn’t put a new furnace filter in there before they left. Once you replace the first filter, you can set a reminder in your calendar to install a new one every 3-6 months.
  7. Change the anode rod in the water heater - You can change the anode rod, but make sure you keep a close eye on the water heater for a few hours after you install the new one. 
  8. Level or top off the insulation in your attic - If you had low insulation or you could see that the insulation had been moved around, either grab a rake and level it out or call a professional and get some extra insulation blown in. This will result in a lower heating bill! 
  9. Nail down any loose shingles - It’s not a bad idea to get up on the roof and check for anything unusual (or get up there to fix what was found in the home inspection). Shingles can come loose around chimneys or edging so take some roof nails and a hammer up there with you. 
  10. Clean the gutters and check for leaks - While you up there looking for loose shingles, take a garden hose and fill up the gutters to find any water leaks. If you do find a leak, mark the spot, let it dry and then fill any holes with silicone! It’s never a bad idea to clean the gutters before the end of a season either. 


There you have it, a fool proof to do list of things to take care of within 6 months of moving into your Regina property. There are probably other things you want to do, like painting or renovating but these are all maintenance items that should be taken care of sooner than later.


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