What Factors Make A Good Location for Regina Homes?

What are the three most important things about real estate? Location, Location, Location!

That’s what they say anyway. High valued real estate is made up of many things but the most important is definitely a good location, especially for Regina homes. You can change just about every aspect of your home, but you cannot pick it up and put it somewhere else if the location is no good! 

Whenever I meet a client who is unsure of what area of the city they want to live in, I always narrow my search down to the best location. Especially for people who are new the city. Not only that but every once in a while, I’ll come across a great property in an area my client is not looking in. Instead of just omitting the property altogether, I send it to the buyer and ask that they FIRST look at the location to make sure it is acceptable for them. 

So, what does ‘good location’ mean? What is a good location? These things will vary from person to person, family to family, so you will have to give the items below different values to help you determine what a good location means to you.


Good Location Factors for Regina Homes:


It used to be that the car was king and people moved to the suburbs and did not care at all about neighbourhood walkability. Those days are mostly gone. Today, most people want to be able to go for a short walk to the grocery store for some milk and eggs. They want neighbourhood coffee shops and maybe a restaurant or two. Regardless of Saskatchewan’s climate, many neighbourhoods here in Regina are being built for walkability and community convenience. 



Besides it being nice to be able to walk to shopping, just having shopping nearby is high on the list of many homebuyers. Few people want to have to drive more than 20 minutes to get to some decent shopping centers. 



What is close to this neighbourhood? Main roads, tennis courts, swimming pools? Anything? Having quick and easy access to other locations in the city is a bonus. 



Are your neighbours’ owners or renters? Is the house or condo unit next door an AirBnB? A good location can become a bad location if your neighbours are disrespectful or don’t take proper care of their own property.



Crime seems to increase more and more each year. You can check Regina neighbourhoods for the amount and type of crime using this neat Crime Map from the City of Regina Police Services. 


Flight Path 

Airplanes flying overhead are noisy and annoying. Even though the noise from an overhead airplane last’s as little as 1 minute, if you’re a light sleeper they may wake you up in the middle of the night. 


Noise Pollution 

Highways are noisy. So are main arteries that run through and between neighbourhoods. Schools and factories are noisy. Dog parks can be noisy. 


Mature Trees 

The first twenty years of most new neighbourhoods are pretty bleak. It takes that long for the trees in the boulevards and yards to grow up. Mature trees really make most neighbourhoods comfortable. Neighbourhoods like Cathedral Village, Lakeview and Whitmore Park have dozens of trees lined streets. However, good locations for Regina homes can also have an abundance of green space with parks and walking paths. 


Taxes and Fees

Taxes in The Creeks are higher than in Argyle Park. The higher the average priced home, the higher you can expect your property taxes to be. Remember to check for additional levies or a history of increasing condo fees. 


The Actual Physical Location 

Look around outside this property. Is it located on a main road? Does it have a big enough yard? It is on the corner of an inner arterial street? Is it the best looking or the worst looking property on the street? 



There are a dozen factors that make up a good location for Regina homes. If you are new to the city, this can be a really good resource for you. Be sure to ask your Regina real estate agent what they know of certain areas and try to gauge whether they are being truthful. The crime map I linked above can be an excellent tool for you. Make sure to check for schools in the area and just do some driving around to see how it looks to you! 


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