Regina Home Builder Show Homes

Show homes are like chocolate covered ice cream for those who love interior design and modern fun. They are playful, creative and super contemporary examples home builders use to show case their product. There is no shortage of Regina home builder show homes here in Regina.

Here is the quick link to find a list of all show homes in Regina:
Regina Show Homes

Without doling out too much advice, I encourage people to do the same thing I always tell them to do when trying to decide which service provider to go with. Check out their reviews, look at their social media presence, and talk to family & friends about previous experiences. As always, I encourage you to be involved in the process of your new home and research the builder.


5 Coolest Regina Home Builder Show Homes Right Now

Most Regina home builder show homes have the usual hours of 6:00-9:00 PM on weeknights, and 1:00-5:00PM on weekends. They staff their show homes with New Home Sales Consultants, who are capable of providing you information about their specific products. Some people are unaware that using a Realtor when buying a newly built home can be really beneficial to the process. Realtors have experience with multiple builders and a wide range of products. Realtors are employed only by the buyer and are working in the buyer’s best interest.


Is a Home Inspection on a new home necessary?

Heck yes! Just because no has lived in the home doesn’t mean the builder has tied up all loose ends. Perform a Home Inspection to ensure the home meets all safety codes, that the electrical outlets work, that plumbing is correct. Home Inspectors get picky in new homes because there isn’t the usual lack of maintenance issues to look over.

Consider the resale value

It’s unfortunate when families mortgage a custom built 750,000K home that is only worth 600,000K in today’s current residential re-sale market. Most people don’t even ask this question. “Will it be worth this when I go to sell it?” because they assume it holds so much more value because it’s custom built. Remember that like clothes and cars, brand names can also come in the form of a Regina home builder.


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