Selling a home in Regina requires a smart strategy, teamwork, and confidence in the process. Determining the list price to ensure the home sells quickly and for the most money is only a fraction of the effort that goes into a successful home sale. There is so much detail that goes into the presentation of Regina property for sale, online marketing and getting qualified buyers into the home. You can feel confident choosing me as your real estate agent. 

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Our Home Selling Process

1. Determine The List Price

The first step to selling a Regina home is to determine the list price.  A comparative market analysis is automatically provided as part of my service. The CMA will contain comparable properties that have already sold in your area. I make upward or downward adjustments based on the similarities, differences, and upgrades between your property and the comparables. A home appraisal can also determine a home's value. If you are unsure of the value of the home, consider having both a comparative market analysis and a professional home appraisal done. 

When I assess the market value of a property, I consider all factors. Average prices in a neighborhood, how many active listings, sold listings and Regina's market as a whole are all things I take into consideration when trying to price a home. Most importantly, I will sit and explain these reports to you so that we can decide on the best price to list the home, together. This also completely educates the homeowner on the condition of the local market and helps set expectations. 

2. While The House Is On The Market

Once the list price has been decided, we will go over the listing contract which outlines the desired possession, real estate fees, legal description and other terms and conditions of the sale. I can help the seller get the home ready for the market by providing staging consultations and providing them with my "Ultimate To-Do List For Selling A Home In Regina."



Among my other responsibilities, my priority is to communicate with my client. I sent weekly market updates, keeping you aware of any new listings, conditional sales or property that has sold in your area. The Regina real estate market can change quickly if a large number of homes come onto the market or sell within a short time frame. I keep analytics of how all my Regina MLS Listing are performing online by tracking how many views they get on, Facebook or other social media platforms. 

I have a unique approach to marketing Regina homes for sale. I always take professional photos and showcase the listing using SEO friendly video and written content. The goal is to have the home interest as many buyers as possible. 

3. Receiving An Offer

Once you receive an offer, I will negotiate with the buyers on your behalf and we will work together to get an acceptable sale price for you. The “conditions period” is the 7-10 day period the buyer requires to get approval of a mortgage, complete the home inspection and any other inspections they need. If the buyers need anything from us at this time, we will do our best to provide them with any information. 

Once conditions have been removed, the seller can disconnect utilities, meet with their lawyers and move forward with the sale process. The home is not SOLD until mortgage funds have been transferred. 

Be sure to read through my Home Sellers Guide for FAQ's, detailed offer to purchase information and so much more! 

There is no 1 correct answer to this question. Everyday we see Regina real estate listings selling for all kinds of prices. In this market we see sales happening 5K-15K under the asking price and also sales where the sale price is right at asking or above.

It depends on the home. A properly priced home should sell within 30 days. Homes for sale in Regina with a value of over 500,000 have a longer day’s on market because there are less qualified buyers in this price range. If I were doing a market analysis on your home, I would be able to pull past information that would provide insight to how long it takes other houses in your neighborhood to sell on average.

The correct answer to this question depends on your situation. Some people will buy a home before they put their home on the market and others will insist on having a firm sale in place before they start looking at other Regina properties in person. I encourage you to meet with a Regina real estate agent and discuss which route is best for you. There are pro’s and con’s to both options and they should be discussed.

The long & short answer is no. There will never be a person walking through your home who is not either in the presence of or being accompanied by a Regina Realtor.

I believe having the knowledge about everything Regina real estate related makes me qualified. I have represented many happy home buyers and sellers with their real estate needs and I understand the real estate market and the steps needed to sell a home. That means that I will give you my best advice, I will tell you what you need to do to get your home ready and I will use every resource I have available to find a buyer for your property. Having specific knowledge about the market conditions, neighborhoods, buyer demographics, negotiations and more are all incredibly important assets a Realtor should have but many don’t.

Traditionally, a larger portion of Regina homes for sale sell in the spring and summer months. This is because of the nice weather, lack of seasonal commitments and influx of motivated buyers. Even in the winter, there are many motived buyers trudging through the snow and cold to find their dream home. The best time of year to sell your home is when your finances are in order, when your house is ready to go onto the market and when you know where you are moving to.

As your Regina real estate agent, I will determine what your home is worth by doing a comparative market analysis. Comparing your property against other homes that have sold in your neighbourhood, taking into account the sales activity happening within your specific neighbourhood and overall sales activity in the city, I will be able to provide you with a strategic list price.

There are so many things you can do to prepare your home for sale. The best advice I can give you is to clean, declutter, consider a pre-listing home inspection and make sure the professional photos you receive make your home look like a Regina show home! 

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