Selling a home in Regina requires a market analysis, disclosure of any defects, and a constant eye on the market to accurately select a listing price. I explain the listing process, what happens during showings and how I market Regina property for sale. 

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Our Home Selling Process

1. Determine The List Price

The first step to selling a home in Regina is to determine what the price will be. A market analysis is provided as part of my service. The market analysis will use comparable homes that have recently sold in your area and make upward or downward adjustments based on the similarities or differences between your property and the comparables. A home appraisal can also determine a home's value, and I recommend having both a professional home appraisal and a market analysis done prior to listing. 

When I assess the market value of property, I sit with my client and explain how I got to the price that I did. The seller will be able to clearly see the comparables and information I used to get to a list price and ultimately, we will decide on the final list price together. Listing a home too high can be detrimental because there could be ample showings but no offers. The longer the home sits on the market, the lower the offers that do come in will be as buyers use the length of time to their advantage. 

Sellers are required to disclose any known defects to a buyer. I recommend that we take any serious defects into consideration when pricing the home and it’s best to disclose any issues so that the seller can prevent any liabilities against them. 

2. While The House Is On The Market

Once the list price has been determined, we will go over the listing contract which outlines price, possession, real estate fees, commission and other terms and conditions of the sale. I can help the seller get the home ready by providing staging consultations, giving advice to make the home look better for showings so they can get the most money from the sale. I also provide information on how showings happen, what to expect when buyers are looking at your home and how long you leave the house for. 

One of a realtor’s main responsibilities is to communicate with the client. Communication should happen often and as soon as something affects the listing.The Regina real estate market fluctuates based on what comes on to and off of it, so I make it a habit to inform my clients of other competing property if it affects my clients’ listing, and to discuss their listing’s activity online and how many potential buyers are seeing it. It is my responsibility to make sure my clients’ home looks as good online as it possibly can. Regina MLS Listings need professional photos as well as thoughtful and well-written property descriptions that make the home enticing to buyers. 

I market property a bit differently. I use a variety of platforms and tools to expose your home to as many buyers as possible, including social media. Printing “Just Listed” postcards that advertise an entire weekend open house has proven to be a successful strategy. Blog articles that use SEO increase the likelihood that a buyer will find your listing online. 

3. Receiving An Offer

Once you receive an offer, I will negotiate with the buyers on your behalf and we will work together to get an acceptable sale price for you. The “conditions period” is the 7-10 days the buyer requires to get approval of a mortgage, have a home inspection and complete anything else they need to complete the purchase. If the buyers need anything from us at this time, we will do our best to help them. This is normally a quiet period where we let the buyers get their financing in order. 

Before possession day, the seller will meet with their lawyers to sign all of the title disbursement documents and make any adjustments. I will provide the house keys to the buyers’ agent on possession day so they can give the keys to the buyers. I ask that sellers remove all of their belongings from the property, leave no junk and make sure the home is thoroughly cleaned so the buyer has a positive experience on moving day.

There are different assessments and tools used to determine a value, and those values can differ. I perform a comparative market analysis to help determine the listing price of a home, and recommend a home appraisal be done as well. Factors that affect the value of a home can include square feet and lot size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, any renovations and maintenance done to the house or property, and location.

Sellers must disclose any defects or issues with the home or property that they are aware of when selling their home. As such, if you are able to address any issues before going on the market, you should do so. Otherwise, consult with your real estate agent for best staging practices: at the very least make sure the home is both clean and tidy. 

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