Tips For Competing With Regina MLS Listings In A Buyers Market

Spring Market is upon us here in Regina. While houses are moving faster than they were a few months ago, this over-saturated buyers market hasn’t picked up like it should for this time of year. A lot of great homes are spending 60-70 days on the market before they sell. 

As I’m writing this, there are over 1700 Regina MLS listings for sale right now. That includes conditional sales, condos and single-family homes. This is more inventory than Regina has had in over 10 years! 

Here are a few things to double check against other Regina MLS Listings:


→ Almost every website has a hit counter nowadays. Comfree,, your realtor, Kijiji and Used Regina all have hit counters. Check them and make sure it has hits! Hits mean exposure to the masses.

→ Exposure can also expand to social media presence. Google really likes YouTube videos! Make sure your virtual tour is on YouTube.

→ Open houses are also good for exposure (not including the marketing that goes with them) because they get many potentials buyer through at one time. Remember, not every buyer is always working with a real estate agent.



→ 97% of buyers are looking online for property now. If your house doesn’t look as good or better than other Regina MLS Listings, the potential buyer will move onto the next listing with the swipe of their finger. It happens that fast! It only takes 3 seconds for the human brain to decide if it likes something and if your home doesn’t look good at first glance they will move on.



→ In this market, with so many listings, there are tons of sales in any given area to chose from. This will make it very easy to determine your asking price. I hate it to say it but anything overpriced isn’t selling right now. The reality is that because there’s so much on the market the buyers know they can wait until something else comes up.

→ I’d never encourage someone to sell at a price they can’t afford or aren’t comfortable with. Take this opportunity to interview a few different realtors and go with the agent who has the best plan for your home. A home appraisal could be a helpful tool to help you further understand the market value of your home.



→ The buyer wants it and the buyer wants it now. If you are preventing showings from happening on a regular basis, you can probably blame yourself for your home not selling.



→ Make sure you hire a real estate agent that will answer their phone calls. Chances are buyers or other buyers agent’s have called to inquire about some aspect of the home. Including the seller’s motivation, why they’re moving and maybe some general information about the property. 

Hiring an agent who takes an interest in your property and can provide ALL the needed information about the home, the area, market conditions and everything else. This is a tough market, you need a real estate agent who is going to work very hard to get your home sold. 


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While this isn’t the perfect formula to guarantee a sale, when competing against other Regina MLS Listings the items should help. The quality of the photos, real estate agent and the information about the property are important aspects to a successful sale. If you have any questions or would like to chat about the market, give me a call at 306-552-7047 or fill out my online contact form!

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