How Writing Blog Articles About Real Estate In Regina Has Made Me A Better Real Estate Agent

Dear Reader,

I first started blogging about Real Estate in Regina to create more content for my social media following. In real estate, if you aren't working with 10 clients at a time you can find yourself with an ABUNDANCE of free time. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I especially enjoy reading; so, blogging seemed like the best outlet based on what I wanted to achieve and how I felt most productive using some of the spare time I had outside of actually being "on the job."

I know that when I started blogging I had my work cut out for me. There was a lot of stuff I didn’t know. My first few articles were short and took a few hours to write, edit and post. I had a lot of concern about appearing more knowledgeable than I was or giving people advice on topics I was not qualified to give advice on. I wanted to provide people with the information and I wanted to write the content, but I had to get really uncomfortable doing it. The longer I wrote and the more I came back to the old articles I wrote, the better I got.

On top of learning how to write Internet-based content, I had to learn SEO and keywords for real estate in Regina and call to actions and a bunch of stuff I knew nothing about. I went to work and boy, did I learn!

SIDE NOTE- The old had some of the original blog articles, which you won't find on this website because the skeletons of the articles have been strengthened and rewritten to be much better. 

Blogging About Real Estate In Regina Expanded My Mind As An Agent & As A Writer

  • I researched how to write good blog articles,
  • I studied the platforms I would post the blog articles on,
  • I took many courses on SEO, keywords, graphics and content development,
  • I took a 6-month communications course,
  • I studied market report after market report,
  • More than I did any of those things, I studied REAL ESTATE IN REGINA!

My articles are written specifically for Regina's market and with that, I looked to many industry professionals. I spoke with local mortgage brokers, local home inspectors, foundation inspectors, and many other experts. In doing this, I've become really knowledgeable. Doing the research and having to write about a topic forced me to look deeper and I really had to understand the information in order to write it. You'll never find an article on this website about a real estate in Regina topic that I don't fully understand. 

I wrote over 50 blog articles this year and for each one, I had to look for strong, solid information that provided value for people. I had to research each topic. I had to spend time on Google, I called my co-workers, called my broker, I studied my past transaction’s and I studied how other agents handled their own transactions.


Writing blog articles about Real Estate in Regina has made me a better Realtor® because it forced me to step out of what I knew, and I learned SO MUCH MORE

Studies say that people who write things down are 33% more likely to remember the information. So inevitably, by taking notes about all things related to real estate, I made my self a smarter agent and for that, I am proud.

Taking these courses, doing the research and spending the time putting all of this content together in the form of a blog article has not only enhanced my writing skills but its made me much better at my job. For some occupations, the only way to learn is to be in the field, which holds true in real estate. There's no way to know how to handle certain issues if you've never dealt with them before. For example, Regina has really disruptive soil. The expansion and contraction of the gumbo wrecks havoc on our basements, that's the easy part to explain- but by doing a little more research and writing about WHY REGINA HAS SUCH BAD BASEMENTS, I am able to give my clients 10x the amount of information than any other agent and the information is backed both by real-time experience and research. It's simply about being a power source of information, being able to fill in all the gaps and answering all the questions. I know that there are still plenty of things to learn, Rome wasn't built in a day but I'm making progress!


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