5 Reasons Staging Luxury Homes For Sale In Regina Will INCREASE Profit

If you own a home over 500K and you’ve been thinking about selling, it's time to consider how staging can benefit you. When it comes to quickly and effectively selling your property for the most money, staging can be a major contributor. For many homeowners, staging is unfamiliar territory. The truth is, however, that staging homes for sale in Regina can drastically increase profitability by up to 20%. Staging can also speed up the selling process by 88% if executed correctly. Let’s face it, a home is usually made of different sized bedrooms, different coloured walls or counters, clean lines and some flooring. It’s the furniture, the textures and accents that create a warm, inviting space within a property. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, consider staging your home!

Here's what you need to know about staging homes for sale in Regina:

1. Staging SHOWCASES & ENHANCES your home's best qualities

Have you recently remodelled your bathrooms? Does your kitchen have an incredible oven? Does your living room have a comfortable, cozy appearance? Staging can help highlight the best qualities in your home. When a buyer visits your home and sees furniture and accent items designed to showcase just how fantastic the natural lighting is in one room or how much space and functionality another has to offer (some rooms look twice as small without furniture in them. Dens, dining rooms, basements etc.), they'll begin to feel more comfortable and at ease. More importantly, they'll begin to feel that your home has some unbeatable qualities that can't be found in other homes for sale in Regina.


2. Staging enables buyers to VISUALIZE their own personal belongings in the home

When potential buyers visit your home, they'll naturally be drawn to your family pictures, drawings, photographs, and personal belongings. Staging eliminates personal items that may cause the buyer to lose focus. Instead, with staged furniture and accent pieces, buyers will be able to focus on the house itself and they'll be inclined to visualize themselves living in the space. When a buyer can experience that visualization, they'll be more likely to seriously consider your house as their next purchase.


3. Staging REDUCES clutter

If you've lived in your home for any period of time, chances are you have some clutter. Staging works to minimize the appearance of clutter and focuses on creating open, usable space. Note that for buyers, the appearance of clutter can make them question whether the home is large enough for their own belongings or whether it has usable space. This makes packing away the crystal unicorn collection or abundance of clothes you don’t wear anymore even more important.


4. Staging UTILIZES space appropriately

If you have a long, narrow hallway, adding the right accents can make it seem wider and more open. If your living room features a darker colour scheme, appropriately placed lamps and light-coloured furniture can brighten it up. If your kitchen is incredibly big with a warehouse-style feeling to it, the right furniture can add warmth and depth to your space. One of the most important things to remember about staging is that it helps utilize space in your home effectively and appropriately, which will improve the way potential buyers feel when they're walking through the house.

It makes the space looks 10/10 which will get you more money on the sale.


5. Staging MINIMIZES problem areas 

No home is completely perfect, but staging can help minimize problem areas in your home. For example: if your kitchen sink & countertops are a bit dated and you don't want to replace them prior to the sale of your home, proper staging can minimize the attention this area draws by enhancing its other features. Instead of focusing on the sink, potential buyers may be drawn to the open space in the kitchen or to the useful island in the center of the space. While staging won't completely eliminate troublesome areas, it will help keep your potential buyers focused on the positive aspects and qualities your home has to offer.

There are dozens of luxury homes for sale in Regina that sit on the market for LONG periods of time because they’re vacant. Staging can be an incredibly effective way to enhance the experience of buyers and to help them feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease in your home. Finding qualified buyers in a higher price range isn't always easy, but with proper staging, you'll be able to sell your home quickly and at a profit point, you're happy with.


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